7th December 2019 / Hair

Many of us dread the damp & wet winter as the humidity and light rain make hair frizz because moisture allows the hair to revert to its natural state. 

Kérastase’s new in-salon service, K Water, is a treatment that’s applied to wet hair and acts as a top coat. Utilising lamellar technology borrowed from the world of skincare as well as potent amino acids and proteins in tiny molecular layers, it’s applied to strands to seal the fractured cuticles and split ends that cause that dreaded halo of frizz.
Kerastraight & Nano treatments work by using the naturally occurring protein keratin to fill in the “gaps” in the hair shaft, smoothing the cuticle down. Keratin can penetrate the hair and seal itself in, and helps to restore the natural stores of keratin that may have been depleted through too much styling.
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